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Three years after the official inauguration of the Parma Headquarters built near the Research Center, the Chiesi Group wanted to launch a second urban/architectural redevelopment project with the regeneration of the historical industrial site in Via Palermo in Parma.

The aim was twofold: to create an innovative business playground (Center for Open Innovation & Competence), open to its own employees and to external communities close to and across the worlds of research and continuous innovation, and to provide its commercial subsidiary with a workspace in line with current concepts of inclusion and corporate guidelines.

To make the via Palermo site a driving force for urban regeneration and a landmark for innovation. For these reasons, in March 2023, the Chiesi Group launched Restore to Impact, an International Call for Ideas open to two categories - Professionals and Under 30s (individual participations or interdisciplinary design teams) - with the aim of collecting innovative, evolutionary, transversal ideas that will form the basis of the guidelines for the future architectural building project.

On this basis, the model asks for indications of possibilities, solutions and ways of thinking about the architectural future of the via Palermo site in relation to buildings, outdoor and indoor spaces - understood as an ecosystem of natural, functional, technological and sustainable elements - capable of creating an environment that is suitable for fostering interaction between people, planning and training linked to shared skills.

City Landscape

5 Regenerative Actions

as a Force for Good

For the development of these ideas, the Chiesi Group has developed "5 Regenerative Actions as a Force for Good", which emphasise the commitment and key steps of the corporate narrative and aim to generate an intervention concept based on the principles of "kindness" and "connectivity".

Innovate to stay coherent

Encouraging the mutual exchange of knowledge and the dissemination of scientific culture in a setting where skills can be developed to interpret, test and anticipate solutions, skills and professions of tomorrow. From internal to external, and vice versa, according to a model of openness and relationships, with the engagement of an international connective network.

Restore to preserve:
the heritage

Restoring to preserve and update the story of a trajectory that, starting in the 1950s, has developed and expanded over time, and today intends to renew itself in order to continue supporting the company’s development into the future. Imagining the possible scenarios that can come from continuous innovation to carry the company’s legacy into a new era.

Take care to treat

To be a biopharmaceutical company in a modern society means acting as a positive force in the community, it means providing people with the necessary tools for a virtuous evolution that can act as a regenerative driving force for communities and the local area, in the immediate and medium-to-long term.

Dare for opportunities

Supporting a functional recombination between different disciplines and skills while respecting Chiesi values with a gentle approach to design and ongoing design definitions in the perspective of unprecedented needs and community access to the site.

Design to Impact

Building conversion or complete reconstruction? Which approach best represents the value of sustainability, including construction, from a life-cycle and product chain perspective? How will technology change the use of space and how will patterns of social interaction change?

Chiesi Farmaceutici


La Commissione Selezionatrice multidisciplinare - composta da personalità provenienti da diversi ambiti di ricerca, scientifica e umanistica, unite dalla comune capacità innovativa nel loro campo - è stata incaricata di selezionare le idee più originali in linea con la visione aziendale e secondo l’aderenza a una o a tutte le "5 Regenerative Actions as a Force for Good".

Andrea Chiesi Portrait
Andrea Chiesi

Head of Special Projects

Chiesi Group


Sponsor of the International Call for Ideas Restore to Impact

Giulia Baccarin Portrait
Giulia Baccarin

CEO and Co-founder

MiPU Predictive Hub Benefit Company


Emilio Faroldi Portrait
Emilio Faroldi

Executive Vice Rector

Politecnico di Milano


Didier Fiúza Faustino Portrait
Didier Fiúza Faustino

Art / Architect, Director

Mésarchitecture studio

Portugal / France

Paola Liani Portrait
Paola Liani

Architect, Co-founder

Paritzki&Liani Architects


Aura Luz Melis Portrait
Aura Luz Melis

Project Architect, Partner

Inside Outside

The Netherlands

Ingrid Paoletti Portrait
Ingrid Paoletti

Scientific Coordinator Material Balance Lab

Politecnico di Milano


Matteo Vegetti Portrait
Matteo Vegetti

Professor of "Theories of Space” University of applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (DACD Mendrisio)

Lecturer at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI)



The total prize money was €66,000.00, of which €51,000 was divided equally between the six concepts deemed eligible by the selection committee, according to the category:

  • PROFESSIONALS: 3 eligible concepts, awarded € 12.000 each

  • UNDER 30: 3 eligible concepts, awarded € 5.000 each

The Selection Committee also reserved the right to select up to 5 Honorable Mentions per Category:

  • PROFESSIONALS: € 2.000 per single mention

  • UNDER 30: € 1.000 per single mention

Only one of the 10 Honourable Mentions was selected for the Professional Category.

The amount not awarded (€ 13,000.00), calculated on the total prize money (€ 66,000.00) will be donated to a local organization.


Flexibility, adaptability over time, porosity understood as the ability to dialogue with the physical and social context and as the quality of the landscape and public spaces in terms of connectivity. But also sustainability in technological, environmental, economic, entrepreneurial and innovative terms.

These are the criteria inspired by the "5 Regenerative Actions as a Force for Good" and adopted by the Selection Committee of Restore to Impact - The next healthcare landmark for innovation and future-oriented competences to evaluate the ideas received by April 30.

According to a higher score allocation, three Prizes were awarded for each Category (Professionals and Under 30s) and an Honourable Mention for the Professionals Category.

In Their Own Words

"Restore to Impact was the first step in a long process, which we approached with a completely new spirit. In the meantime, the Call for Ideas helped us to define the principles of the redevelopment: attractiveness, connection to the context and safety issues, inclusiveness and collaboration, and attention to the environment are the design principles developed so far".